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Wellness  |  15 May 2019

7 Wonders of wellness.

The Happy News
Yoga with Adriene
Food Matters
The Rich Roll Podcast
Water Reminder

Kiss House is all about building better so that people can live better.

We believe that well planned spaces filled with natural light and clean air are essential for wellbeing, and that your home should be your sanctuary.  However  we can’t fail to agree with American Philosopher Jim  Rohn  who takes the idea of  “home”  a stage further with:

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.”  

Inspired by his sentiment we’ve compiled a list of our 7 Wonders of Wellness: 7 of our  favourite  health  blogs, apps, websites  and  podcasts  to  share with you.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in.”

Inspired by his sentiment we’ve compiled a list of our 7 Wonders of Wellness: 7 of our favourite health blogs, apps, websites and podcasts to share with you.

1. The Happy Newspaper

What is it?
The Happy News is an actual newspaper that spreads positivity and “shares happy news.”

Why do we love it?
We love that The Happy Newspaper celebrates the myriad of wonderful and positive things people are doing in all walks of life around the world. It’s a truly inspiring and uplifting read that offers a much-needed break from the norm.

@thehappynewspaper on Instagram, (lots free plus additional subscribed content)
Check out The Happy News website here.

2. Yoga with Adriene   

What is it?
Free yoga videos for all abilities and needs, delivered by a wonderfully engaging teacher Adriene Mishler. Hailed as “the people’s yogi”, she’s soft and unassuming with a magnetic personality. In 2019 Adriene sold out Alexandra Palace in London and held a yoga class for 2,400 people!

Why do we love it?
There’s a free weekly newsletter bursting with tips, positivity and updates, plus an entire library of free videos on YouTube.

@adrienelouise and @fwfglife on Instagram (free)
Check out Adriene’s website here.

3. Food Matters

What is it?
Informative health and wellbeing website focussing on nutrition as a key to good health. Lots of features on exercise and emotional wellbeing plus podcasts, articles, recipes and info on natural therapies.

Why do we love it?
The sites founders’ James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch started out by producing the film Food Matters, to explore the healing powers of good nutrition. Since then they’ve added other titles and have encouraged a whole movement of like-minded folks to ditch the junk, shed extra pounds and find greater fulfilment through healthful living.

@foodmatters (free elements — with other paid content)
Lots of info can be found on the Food Matters website.

4. The Rich Roll  Podcast 

What is it?
A series of podcasts featuring a great variety of inspirational people from all walks of life.

Why do we love it?
It’s the place to go for expert opinion if feeling stressed or anxious or just in search of some inspiration. Think of it as a podcast “pick-me-up” or virtual health boost via the inspirational content.

@richroll on Instagram (free)
Download all of the free episodes on the Rich Roll website.

5. mindbodygreen   

What is it?
A great source of all things wellness, committed to motivating you to be the best version of yourself emotionally, physically spiritually and environmentally. Think of it as an online health magazine.

Why do we love it?
Loads of interesting articles and quick tips. The antithesis of many magazines that can leave you feeling empty, this leaves you feeling motivated to meditate and focus on self-care.

@mindbodygreen on Instagram (free)
Check out the amazing website here.

6. Buddhify (paid app)   

What is it?
An app packed full of short guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for every occasion: when you’re in the bath, when you’re feeling stressed, can’t sleep…

Why do we love it?
Whilst it’s a paid app there are no monthly payments, just a one-off fee of £4.99 for what is a practical on-the-go resource for mindfulness.

@buddhifyapp on Instagram
Buddhify on whichever app store you use.

7. Water Reminder (free app) 

What is it?
A simple app with the sole purpose of reminding you to drink more water. So easy to forget!

Why do we love it?
This great app calculates how much water you should drink based on personal information (weight etc). We love the useful reminders.

Water Reminder on whichever app store you use.

We hope you enjoyed our 7 Wonders of wellness! Do click subscribe to follow us for more top tips!

You can have a look at our Pinterest board on our 7 Wonders of Wellness here.

Thank you.

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