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Kiss House, News, Online resources, Passivhaus  |  15 December 2021

Passive House Accelerator: the online community.

Passivhaus can bring the perfect climate to living environments
One of Passive House Accelerator's round table discussion topics
The Passive House Accelerator podcast has run 113 episodes to date!
Podcast host and the Passive House Accelerator Director, Zack Semke
The community site is full of resources, courses and events to promote the benefits of Passivhaus
Lots of resources and sessions on the site include detailed drawings of Passivhaus systems
Ben and Hugh, the two co-hosts of the "Building Performance Interactive" series which discusses all things Passivhaus
Our co-founder Mike Jacob is also one of the co-hosts!
Passivhaus luminary Tomas O'Leary was the special guest on their first episode
You can register for the series online — just follow our links!
The 2nd episode of the "Building Performance Interactive" series focused on offsite and modern methods of construction
The 3rd episode of the "Building Performance Interactive" series explored waterproof breathable fabrics in low carbon EnerPHits at scale

The online community, Passive House Accelerator was set up in 2019 by a New York based architect called Michael Ingui.

Who they are

After seeing the need to promote the Passivhaus standard and its benefits in an area where he believed it could shine, Michael set up the community in a bid to bring together people not only in his region, but across the globe.

Passive House Accelerator acts as a place for those constructing Passive House and zero carbon buildings to come together, share lessons they have learnt, think creatively and to experiment with their ideas.

The collaborative platform is a place for practitioners, institutions, manufacturers, and anyone who is concerned with buildings and climate change, to explore how to create better buildings, and the details involved in doing so.

They are driven to deliver health and happiness for all through buildings and believe that harnessing the Passive House approach can do just that.

What they do

Their first promotional projects began shortly after being set up when Passive House Buildings Magazine merged with Passive House Accelerator. You can access all copies of the magazine online here. Since then, the organisation has gone from strength to strength, even despite a global pandemic.

When lockdowns began in April 2020, Passive House Accelerator were approached by Passivhaus experts, Monte Paulsen and Shaun St-Armour to produce a virtual Passive House social, The Global Passive House Happy Hour.

This experience provided a place for all, whatever experience level, and wherever they lived in the world, to come together, learn and have lively discussions about the Passivhaus standard. This ran every Wednesday (see more information here about their plans for the projects future!)

Passive House Accelerator also run a “Passive House Podcast”,  where hosts Matthew Cutler-Welsh and Zack Semke interviews leaders, practitioners, and change-makers in the global Passive House movement. You can listen to all past and future podcasts here or on Spotify or Apple Music.

How and where to access them

Their website is full of fabulous resources. Here are some of the amazing ways to interact with the community:

You can see their community calendar here.

Watch videos of their round table discussions here.

You can see examples of Passivhaus builds here.

Never miss an event with their event announcer .

You can also follow Passive House Accelerator on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Through our contacts at Partel, who have previously worked with the Passive House Accelerator, we were lucky enough to be asked to co-host their latest project, the “Building Performance Interactive” event series.

Below are some details about the project,  links to catch up on past sessions, and how you can join in with future events!

"Building Performance Interactive" event series

The series is co-hosted by Hugh Whiriskey of Partel and Ben Adam-Smith of House Planning Help alongside our very own co-founder Mike Jacob. 

“It started with a strong determination to support the transformation of the low-carbon building sector towards nZEB and Passivhaus through a new perspective, based on a collaborative approach.”

Hugh Whiriskey, Partel

Each week the co-hosts will be joined by an expert guest who shares the lessons they have learnt from working in the best practice, Passivhaus building sector. They will share information regarding Passivhaus design principles, n-ZEB (nearly zero energy building) techniques, and details on the other high-performance building methods which help ensure government compliance across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

The 8-part virtual series will run monthly and is free to attend. Each episode will last an hour and will include five live learning sessions, informative videos and technical presentations, case studies, roundtable discussions and Q&A’s.

Please register here to attend.

Videos of episodes to date


Hugh, Mike and Ben are joined by Passivhaus luminary Tómas O’Leary, MD of MosArt who provides a tour of the centres of excellence for high-performance buildings and reflects on his experience as an educator. He explores how crucial practical training programs on retrofits, airtightness, and ventilation have been in creating a stronger workforce and construction industry in Ireland. Watch the video here .

MMC – Offsite TF construction from start to finish, November 2021

Lawrence Taylor and John Keenan, Ktf Timber Frame joins Hugh, Mike and Ben and takes us for a virtual tour to the Ktf — Keenan Timber Frame Factory and tell us about the design and manufacturing process of timber frame buildings. The session focuses on the significant role that modern methods can play in maximising building performance and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. Watch the video here or click here to read more!

Waterproof breathable fabrics in low carbon EnerPHits at scale, December 9 2021

Andrew Simmonds, CEO at AECB and Partner in Simmonds Mills Architects; and Tim Hulse, Passivhaus Champion at EcoVert Solutions join co-hosts Mike Jacob, Dara McGowan and Ben Adam Smith. They explore how to improve energy efficiency in retrofit projects. The session focuses on achieving the EnerPHit standard (Passivhaus standard for refurbishment projects)  in humid climates like the UK.

This innovative approach to deep retrofit is replicable, and carbon conscious; it reduces the operational energy demand while minimising the embodied carbon impact. Learn how the retrofit steps in an EnerPHit project can be replicable across all building types to achieve a high efficiency and comfort level. Watch the event here.

Coming up — Episode 4: Super insulated airtight PH homes, TF construction, January 27 2022

Special guest: Lee Broomhall, Sales Manager at MBC Timber Frame

All dates for future episodes are listed below. Guests and topics to be revealed! 

Episode 5: February 24 2022
Episode 6: March 24 2022
Episode 7: April 21 2022
Episode 8: May 19 2022

We hope you can join us!

Also, look out for our upcoming lead magnet which will have a fantastic fact sheet with a summary from each episode! 

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