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Construction, Design, News, Passivhaus  |  15 July 2022

Watch our show home come to life with our demo diary!

Delivery of the timber i-Beams for the first Kiss House arrive on site
Kiss House window joint detail
Plybox columns being prepared for storage in our climate controlled warehouse
A collection of brackets to be installed onto our Plybox columns and used regularly across Kiss House projects
Screw pile caps in storage ready to be installed on top of the screw piles
Temporary works locating plates waiting to be completed in the factory
Bespoke wall stillages designed by us, specifically for Kiss House cassettes
These stillages are easily collapsed to make transporting them easier on the return journey from site
The first floor cassettes in production using timber I-Beams
We will screw OSB boards onto the top and fill with insulation
The first floor cassettes with OSB installed, stacked in the factory and ready for installation in the demo house

We’ve broken ground on the Kiss House show home!

We are very excited to announce that our show home build has begun. We’re building on the site of our factory in Ropley — on a farm with beautiful far reaching views.

As we progress the build, we will share regular “demo diary” updates on our website and social media channels. These will include lots of images, video clips and on the ground updates of what is happening.

Keep an eye out here:

Instagram @thekisshouse
LinkedIn @ Kiss House
Twitter @TheKissHouse
Facebook @TheKissHouseOfficial

We cannot wait for your visit…

Week 1

Timber i-Beams arrived on site. These beams are used to make the floor cassettes, and are around 13m in length.

The team was delighted to have a new spindle moulder delivered and installed in the factory. This will shape the timber to the right profile and create standard lengths of Kiss House Passivhaus window frames — yes, you read it right — our own windows! We plan to invest in additional tooling over time to expand our product range further. It’s going to be amazing to be able to experiment and see what else we can do! One plan is to add a five axis CNC machine to aid the detailing of our window frame joints, watch this space…

Right now we are loving working with the spindle moulder — the system is great because it’s plug and go and we can assemble speedily and accurately. It also creates stronger details than a typical dowel system.

What we’ve made this week: we have had a lot of fun creating fabricated Plybox columns which we have stored in our climate controlled warehouse until installation. We are in the process of further refining our panel design to enable us to use a small machine or manual lifting!

We have fabricated lots of screw pile caps for the top of our screw piles (they’ll take the weight off the floor cassettes and columns), and lots of brackets which will be a regular feature in the installation of the show home.

We have also produced the ring beam which will sit on top of the screw piles and spread the load of the floor cassettes and columns. This was installed to a level of plus or minus 1mm which is beyond the norm for foundation tolerances, and for which we must congratulate our team!

Things have been progressing nicely with our temporary works locating plates — some are complete, others are due to be powder coated. When they are finished and we start building, they will be screwed to the floor and ceiling cassettes and when we’re ready, we will use them to aid installing our temporary works. Our system ensures very high levels of accuracy so we look forward to reporting on that to you.

Perhaps the highlight of our week was the assembly of the bespoke Kiss House wall cassette stillages. These govern how we move the multiple sized walls to site, and allow for everything to be unloaded safely. We’ve designed them ourselves and they enable multiple stillages to be loaded onto one vehicle for return to the factory saving on transport costs and reducing our carbon emissions — what’s not to love!

Week 2

Over the last few days, we’ve been producing first floor, floor cassettes. These have been formed from timber i-Beams on bespoke Kiss House floor cassette rigs designed and fabricated in the Kiss House factory.

Following this, we attached OSB boards to the top to complete the cassette. We then cut service routes and fill with insulation. It is exciting to see the cassettes coming together having put so much into the design and planning. They are now ready for installation in the show home, which is very exciting!

We also created a variety of cassette lengths — the longest being 11m! These go across the length of our houses / the show home, and are supported by the internal walls. Smaller sections detail the stairway entrance.

Finally, following on from last week, we were finished the first floor, structural Plybox columns this week, and we have now put them aside ready for installation.

Stay tuned for next week’s update. Get all the Kiss House news here.

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