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Guide, Perfect places, Places to visit  |  18 November 2021

A few of our favourite things — sound and light.

Bruce Munro's light display "Uluru." Copyright © 2016 Bruce Munro. Photography by Mark Pickthall
Bruce Munro's "Light Towers" display, "Sensorio ." Copyright © 2021 Bruce Munro. Photography by Chris Hardy
B.J Novak's hilarious read-aloud, bestselling children's book
Some of the ridiculous sounds included in "The Book With No Pictures"
Punchcard weaving patterns by Zsanett Szirmay, the Hungarian designer exploring Soundweaving. Photo credit: Sandor Fovenyi and Zsanett Szirmay
The punchcards replicate the perforated music sheet of a music box score. Photo credit: Sandor Fovenyi and Zsanett Szirmay
"Everybody's talking about Jamie" features Gilbert Lake's recent work
Leon Jean-Marie & Christin Rauter create relaxing, enlivening soundscapes. Photo credit. Toast London
Sandra Beccarelli work, "Shadows Rise Like Fireworks." Photo credit. Sandra Beccarelli
Sandra Beccarelli work, "Surfaces Among Surfaces" Photo credit. Sandra Beccarelli
Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, can be seen clearly in dark skies

A few of our favourite ways to enjoy light and sound wherever you are.

A list of some of our favourite ways to engage with light and sound.

Whether you like to listen, read, watch, visit an event or discover someone doing great work via their online presence, we’ve got you covered.

Someone to watch

Bruce Munro is a light installation artist creating large scale art installations worldwide. Inspired by his interest in the shared human experience he captures responses to stimuli such as music, literature, science, and the world around him through his work.

Trained in the manufacture of light, Munro’s displays are spectacular so keep an eye on where he’ll be popping up next by visiting his website here.

Visit his Instagram here.


Something to listen to

What does the music of embroidery sound like?

An unusual question which Hungarian designer Zsanett Szirmay explores in her work Soundweaving. This experimental interdisciplinary project translates traditional Eastern European folk embroideries into gentle, tinkling melodies.

We find this unique work mesmerising! You can listen here  or explore on Instagram here.

Something to watch

The film “Everybody’s Talking about Jamie” was adapted from the hit stage musical of the same name and features sound work from Gilbert Lake, who we feature in our creatives interviews this month!

Inspired by the 2011, British television documentary “Jamie, Drag Queen at 16,” it is a coming of age film based in Sheffield, UK.

Available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Something to read

A New York Times bestseller, “The Book With No Pictures” by B.J Novak is designed to celebrate the daft.

The book is all about making the adult reader sound funny. It’s full of incredible silliness beloved by children of all ages. Every word written must be said aloud, from the silly songs about eating ants for breakfast to ludicrous lists of ridiculous sounds like BLORK and GLIBBITY GLOBBITY.

You can visit the author’s instagram page @bjnovak or find out more about the book here.

Someone special

“I approach sound like a sculpture, carefully and slowly building it up” — Leon Jean-Marie.

London based sound designer, Leon Jean-Marie caused a stir in 2008 when he debuted an R&B and funk influenced style of pop that elicited comparisons to Prince. Leon has worked with Toast London, sound designer Christian Rauter and other musicians to help create their “Slow Sound” series, soundscapes inspired from nature designed to calm, reset, and enliven the mind.

Listen and find out more here
Instagram @leonjeanmarie

Something to look at

“Beyond the surface of seeing.”

Check out abstract visual artist Sandra Beccarelli’s latest paintings and drawings which all share a connection with the formal layout of musical scores. Starting with a linear or grid-like system upon which she places her own visual notations. Her work has gone on to inspire soundscape compositions by sound artists.

You can see the work on Instagram: @sandrabeccarelli and the work Sandra exhibited at the Darl-e and the Bear on their website, and Instagram page: @darlebear 

Click here for Sandra’s website to see her full collection.

Somewhere to visit

National Parks Dark Skies Festivals celebrate the star-studded dark skies in areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK, throughout autumn and winter.

Suitable for all, the festivals focus on discovering, learning, and enjoying the dark and the stars. Take part in activities like cycling, walking and caving, or attend stargazing parties at night. There are also daytime events where you can learn more about star constellations or even make a rocket!

Find out more here.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions and have been inspired to investigate new ways of enjoying with light and sound!

Best wishes,


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