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News, Recruitment  |  12 June 2019

Join our team.

We’re a small company working to make a big difference to housing and we’re recruiting!

We’re looking for people with drive and ambition who believe passionately in what we’re doing. Our purpose is to change the way that people think about housing, by creating houses that place quality and the lives of the people who live in them at the heart of decision making.

We’re determined to influence change through the pursuit of excellence, and the innovation and exceptional houses that result.

We’ve built a great team with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills. We share a common vision and an ‘up-for-the-challenge’ attitude. Ultimately we’re here to do our best work and are looking for those who are like minded. As a team we’re looking to create an amazing business with massive scope for personal development and fulfilment.  We want to do something amazing and share the desire to do our best work.  We would love to hear from you if think you’re right for us.

Right now we’re looking for people for the roles below — all of which will be office based at our central Reading HQ. BUT we’re always delighted to hear from someone who thinks they can enhance what we’re doing. Do drop us a line if your skills lie outside of these roles but you’d like to join our quest.

Office Manager

Supporting the wider team by being responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the office. You’ll have energy, great IT skills, and will be good at working with and organising others. Your organisational abilities will be exceptional and will be self-confident with shed loads of initiative. Ultimately you’ll be instrumental in helping us to ensure that our back-office operates like a well-oiled machine and to the highest standards. You’ll help to develop and implement fantastic processes and procedures and will have the ability to identify ways to improve what we’re doing and the flexibility to tweak and change things accordingly.

Digital Communications

Generating interest in what we’re doing and spreading the word to different audiences on different platforms. Helping to develop the plan and measuring results. Testing and being unafraid to try new things. A charismatic person with a great attitude who can help us engage with our audience and develop a strong Kiss House voice.  You’ll be quick to learn and highly motivated to learn more / push your skills further. You’ll be good at writing (with excellent attention to detail), creative, digitally-savvy, and willing to roll your sleeves up and work hard.

Technical Designer / Design Manager for Timber Based Modular Homes

Engineering qualified with Architectural flair — you will ideally be experienced in timber based modular, and CLT / LVL. You will definitely love timber design and be motivated to hone and push your skills / to pursue excellence and to produce career defining work. You will carry out the technical design of LVL Modular houses — starting with a relatively low volume initially and building to higher volume over time. You’ll be dedicated and highly motivated with the ability to hold your own and add value to design team discussions.

Contracts Manager

Your role is all about ensuring that everything is taken care of and runs smoothly / seamlessly for our customers. In other words you will have an exemplary track record in ensuring that projects are run to program and budget having delivered successful construction projects for several years. You will be highly efficient and organised, brilliant at engaging and working with others, and adept at managing people. You’ll be able to design, implement and follow processes and will have the critical skills to improve and update them as necessary. You’ll be ambitious and dedicated to delivering exceptional service to help Kiss House to become a role model business.

If you think there could be a fit between us and you’re interested, please tell us why you’d like to join our quest and what you would bring to the team. We love ambition and big ideas so if you have a vision of what you could do with us, feel free to share it.

Here’s a quick short list of what inspires us:

We’ll leave you with a quote from one of our favourite books:

“The most important brands in the world make you feel something... Yes we admire the product they make but the thing we love about them is the change they are making.”

David Hieatt, Do Purpose

Do you want to join a ‘purpose driven team’ Do you want to be part of the change? If yes, we’d love to hear from you!

You can email us at, write to us at Kiss House, Recruitment, Spaces 9 Greyfriars Rd, Reading RG1 1NU or call us on: 0118 300 172.

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