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Kiss House, News, Update  |  30 May 2020

Kiss Life!

May has been a busy month and we’ve got lots to report.

New Kiss Life stories.

Our series of illuminating articles and interviews continues in the latest Kiss Life newsletter. It’s bursting with brilliant people, information and inspiration.

As promised Oliver Heath, architect, broadcaster and biophilic design expert talks about the importance of nature in our built environment, explaining what biophilic design is; it’s principles and benefits.

Kate Southerby, leadership-coach gives us the low down on how to stay positive in lockdown. She explains why looking after-yourself is so important and how understanding ourselves better can support our relationships at this time.

We explore the abstract paintings of Jon Llewelyn founder of Formworks studio and learn about his process, inspirations and how home features in his work.

Team members whisk us off to Shetland and Canada! Emma Bradbury tells us why she’s obsessed with Shetland and about time spent living and teaching there. While Hilary Wilson talks about her career, dream of being simultaneously in the UK and Canada, and passion for penguins.

We explore photographer Sapna Odlin’s “doortraits,” photography project to learn about how and why she has been documenting the lives of her community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Brand extraordinaire Haeckels let us share a story they wrote about innovations in air quality and we bring you news of a live event we have planned for Friday 12th June…

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Foundation system — the carbon ca

We recently reported that our co-founder Mike Jacob had filed a patent application for a new foundation system. As promised we’ll be interviewing Mike on this in the coming weeks but in the meantime we can share an update on it following a story published by the Chartered Institute of Construction Managers this week. The CIOB covered the system saying ”


For more on Mike click here.

Patent pending — enhanced wood fibre insulation.

In much the same way as he approached our new foundation system Mike set to work to see how he might improve wood fibre insulation. Wood fibre insulation being the ideal product in so many ways — natural and pleasant to work with to name just two, however it is sadly not always as efficient to use as petro-chemical based alternatives. Mike’s quest was to find a way of enhancing wood fibre insulation to make it perform at a level comparable to the alternatives at no additional cost and (if possible) to make it even more compelling by using recycled materials in the process. Amazingly he and the team he’s brought together have succeeded and the patent is in! We are thrilled and will be interviewing Mike on this in a special wood / timber edition of Kiss Life we have planned. For more on Mike click here.

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