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Kiss House, News, Update  |  05 May 2020

Kiss Life is back!

Preview of pitched roof Kiss Houses
We have a series of interviews and collaborations in the pipeline — Oliver Heath talks Biophillic Design in our next issue, photo credit
Preview of pitched roof Kiss Houses
We have two patents pending — ultra-low carbon wood fibre insulation and ultra-low carbon foundation system

Our “Kiss Life” hiatus was longer than planned because we’ve been working on some incredibly exciting projects and have a great deal to tell you.

Then of course “lockdown” threw us all a curve ball and we (like everyone else) have had to spend time switching things up to work within the “new normal.”


The first project to tell you about is the return of Kiss Life. In considering how to contribute positively to the new normal we’ve developed a series of illuminating article and interview collaborations with people and organisations we admire. We’ve collaborated with Toast, The UK Crafts Council and Haeckels to bring you articles, and have interviewed artists and makers including Molly Mahon, Dan Heath, Jon Llewellyn and Ceri White (more to be announced soon).

We’ve investigated Biophillic Design with Oliver Heath, and how to use brain-based coaching techniques to keep a positive mindset with Kate Southerby (both interviews in the next issue). We’ve created a fabulous list of free online resources for those interested in the sustainable built environment and have a Zoom Q&A call planned on finding land and the planning process, with our co-founder, Architect Adrian James (more on both of these in this issue of Kiss Life and the “Stories” on our website).

New pitched roof Kiss Houses.

Our design team has been hard at work designing a pitch-roof version of Kiss House. From a really funky low pitched two-bed to larger 3 storey models, the pitch roofed Kiss House is now firmly in development. We’ve included some concept images here and will bring you more on this over the coming weeks. If you can’t wait please get in touch

Patent pending — foundation system.

Two years ago, our co-founder Mike Jacob said:

“There has to be a better way to do our foundations. What goes in the ground should be as smart as the Kiss House itself!”

What ensued was a period of intense head-scratching and hard work. The construction industry doesn’t like change and there was a feeling that something new might meet too much resistance. Mike persevered and with our fantastic team he has created a ground-breaking (no terrible pun intended) concept that is set to revolutionise the way the industry does things! We’ll be interviewing Mike on this in the coming weeks. For more on Mike click here.

Patent pending — enhanced wood fibre insulation.

In much the same way as he approached our new foundation system Mike set to work to see how he might improve wood fibre insulation. Wood fibre insulation being the ideal product in so many ways — natural and pleasant to work with to name just two, however it is sadly not always as efficient to use as petro-chemical based alternatives. Mike’s quest was to find a way of enhancing wood fibre insulation to make it perform at a level comparable to the alternatives at no additional cost and (if possible) to make it even more compelling by using recycled materials in the process. Amazingly he and the team he’s brought together have succeeded and the patent is in! We are thrilled and will be interviewing Mike on this in a special wood / timber edition of Kiss Life we have planned. For more on Mike click here.

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