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Inspirational things to do, Interviews, Kiss House Team, Wellness  |  23 March 2020

Dreams for the new decade.

Visiting family in Mauritius
Beautiful Mauritius
Adventures on Mt Olympus
Hilary climbing Mt Olympus
London Fashion Week
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia, Bulgaria
Community garden, Reading
Watercolour by Emma
Romeo and Juliet, Royal Opera House
Cornish coastal walks (where Ruby grew up)
Wim Hof
Hardwick Hall
Observer 100 greatest novels
Trans-Mongolian Railway

What do you do at the start of a new decade? I’m not sure that there’s a protocol, but it’s inevitably a time of reflection, dreaming and planning for the future.

I asked the team based at Kiss House HQ in Reading what they want to do and achieve in the new decade. The result is a list of 20(ish) of their ideas, I hope you enjoy them.

Me — Aalia Bhatti

1. Visit my family in Mauritius: I’d like to take my children to get to know their extended family and make memories they’ll always cherish.

2. Embrace adventure: I visited Glen Nevis twelve years ago with my husband, during our honeymoon. It’s an area of natural beauty that I’d love to revisit with my kids.

3. Soak up history: Amongst other things I’d love to visit Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, a National Trust property in the heart of Scotland. I want to take in the breath-taking waterfalls.

Hilary Wilson

4. Challenge myself: After climbing Mt Olympus last year I want to challenge myself again in some faraway place, after all opportunity for growth lies outside our comfort zone!

5. Cultivate veg: The awesome taste is worth the effort. I’ve not had much luck growing vegetables in the past but I’m determined to succeed.

6. Try new sports: I love being active and outdoors and know how important regular exercise is for my well-being. I want to give wake–boarding a go.

Nikol Genova

7. Travel the UK: I moved to the UK from Bulgaria and have only really explored London and Reading so far. I want to journey further afield and get to know my new home country.

8. Refresh my Spanish: I studied in a Spanish high school but since coming to the UK I haven’t practiced much. I love the language and the country and want to keep my Spanish skills alive.

9. Attend London Fashion Week: I’m passionate about fashion. I’ve been to London Fashion Week before but would love to go again.

Emma Bradbury

10. Local Community Garden: We’re lucky to have a community garden right on our doorstep. I’ve watched it grow and now want to get involved.

11. Paint more: My friend Sue and I have art adventures in the countryside and experiment with watercolours whilst armed with hot flasks of tea. I never want it to end.

12. Visit the Fogo Island Inn: My BIG dream is to journey to Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada and stay at the world-renowned Inn — maybe even take part in one of their yoga retreats!

Ruby Narbrough

13. Take my daughter to the ballet: I would love to see a live performance choreographed / directed by Matthew Bourne. Perhaps at the Royal Opera House in London…

14. Prioritise health: Find more time for yoga and try to embrace aerobic exercise. Spend more time outdoors, get back on a horse, take many more walks by the sea and swim in it.

15. Get my sketch book out: I want to stop feeling guilty about how I spend my time and just do something I love. I want to paint with my daughter.

Mike Jacob

16. Attend a Wim Hof Workshop: I want to learn how to breathe properly and to develop the techniques needed to tap into unused energy reserves. I think it will transform my life.

17. Camping trips: The Hardwick Estate is my favourite place to be and I look forward to continuing annual camping trips with my family. I love being at one with the river as it passes through.

18. Immerse myself in music: Get drawn into the repetitive beats somewhere like the Gottwood Welsh Rave Up, or Field Maneuvers, a defiantly small and anti-corporate music festival.

Carli Jordan

19. Embrace exercise: I love yoga, enjoy cycling and walking, and even did a stint of running. Now I need to make a proper habit of it! I want to be fit and strong.

20. Reading: I embarked on reading the 100 greatest novels of all-time last decade but it’s fallen by the wayside as life has taken over. I want to curl up in a sunny spot to read (regularly!).

21. Travel: I’d love to travel with my young family. An extended trip off the beaten track. Perhaps the trans Mongolian railway, India or Interrailing Europe?

Did any of these resonate with you? Are you working on any plans? Whatever happens we hope that the new decade is bursting with vitality and adventure, and that your dreams become reality.

Best wishes


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