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Home, Kiss House, News  |  06 October 2021

Stories on belonging.

We explore the sense of belonging and how we can achieve this in our homes
Connecting with nature can help ground us to our surroundings and improve our wellbeing
Award winning designer Daniel Heath used his garden space as inspiration in creating his home studio
Our true identities can be presented through the colour we choose to use in our homes — Kiss House, bathroom interior
Can places where we experienced significant life events continue to provide us with a sense of belonging, despite infrequent visits?
Jem Waygood's process allows architecture to feel part of the natural surroundings; connecting the built environment to nature
Pear pods are one of our favourite ways to connect with nature and take the time to appreciate our relationship with the great outdoors

“Belonging… doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are,” Brené Brown

When we feel we belong, we feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we can be our authentic selves.

In our latest batch of Kiss House stories, we explore the relationship between belonging, nature, connection and home.

We consider how bringing nature into our homes can make us feel more connected and grounded and we look at how to achieve this in a story called Bringing nature in by photographers, designers and stylists, Sue Fan and Danielle Quigley.

In Colourways drawn from the landscape, we look at how we can sensitively connect buildings to the landscape using colour and how we did so recently on a Kiss House project. We look at how colour impacts how we feel in Colour in home design and suggest that this should be considered every step of the way in home design, providing examples from the research and some Kiss House experiences.

In Memories of home Alice Swain takes a road trip down memory lane and ponders how memory and home interact to create a sense of belonging. We interview designer Daniel Heath and ask him about his work creating beautiful nature inspired pieces for the home, and about building a home studio during lockdown. Finally, we suggest some alternative ways to connect with nature in A few of our favourite things to do, see, listen to visit and more.

We hope you enjoy them!

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